Retirement Annuities

Invest in the future you, now!

Thinking about getting older and how you’re going to maintain your lifestyle can seem like a lot to digest. So we’ve created retirement solutions that are anything but vanilla. Easily invest with as much as you can afford right now in an RA that rocks returns, so that you are ready to rock retirement.

Why RA’s Float our Boat

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Ours are easy to access and manage as part of your portfolio, are super cheap and require no minimum investment. Yes please!

There’s less for the tax man and more for you. All returns and income are tax free within the RA.

They help keep your hands out of the cookie jar. Because your funds are ring-fenced for a fixed term, you can’t tap into them beforehand.

Who Should Invest in an Easy RA?

Technically anyone can invest in an RA. Having said that they are considered a really good investment choice if you:

  • Are interested in maximising on tax benefits to increase your investment potential
  • Are employed at an organisation that doesn’t currently offer you a pension or provident fund
  • Want to add a little boost to your current savings for retirement
  • Are self-employed
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Who is Managing my RA?

We’re all about choice, so you can expect to see a selection of asset managers with RA bundle options available for you to invest in. Read up on each bundle creators strategy, investment philosophy and fees in their bundle descriptions. You can find a list of these bundles below.

The Upside of the EasyEquities RA

  • Tax free retirement savings
  • Flexibility and easy online accessibility
  • Investment variety
  • Transparent and cheap

How much will it cost me? 

EasyEquities RA Administration 0,30%
Investment Costs ** From 0.6% to 1.5%

* For a detailed breakdown of the costs associated with an RA Account please click here

** Includes bundle fee, transaction costs and any underlying ETF TER’s. Investment costs vary by Bundle manager.

What Investments are Available?

EasyAsset Stacked
Enhanced Conservative 
Low Equity Fund
More Information
EasyAsset Stacked
Enhanced Moderate 
Medium Equity Fund
More Information
EasyAsset Stacked
Enhanced Balanced 
High Equity fund
More Information
EasyAsset Stacked
Core Conservative 
Multi Asset - Low Equity Fund
More Information
EasyAsset Stacked
Core Moderate 
Multi Asset - Medium Equity Fund
More Information
EasyAsset Stacked
Core Balanced 
Multi Asset - Balanced Fund (High Equity)
More Information
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How do I transfer my RA?

There are a few simple steps to follow to transfer your RA from your current provider to EasyEquities. The RA transfer to EasyEquities can only be a cash transfer (not a unit transfer), which means you cannot transfer your existing investments (units) within your RA. You would need to liquidate your investments (units) in the RA and then transfer the cash. Your current provider may levy fees for the transfer so please check with them first.

The transfer process can take quite a few weeks to complete, depending on your current provider. As soon as we receive instruction from your current provider we will notify you accordingly.

Transfer Steps

  1. You first need to activate your EasyEquities RA and accept the T&Cs.
  2. Then head to our Wealth portal here and cruise over to the Transfer section and fill out the transfer form.
  3. We’ll guide you through it and take care of it all with your current provider! - Easy
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Which one is for me?

Use our award winning risk profiling tool to help pick which RA will best suit your specific goals and risk appetite.

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